Move Over Metros!” 10 offbeat Indian Cities to Settle In


The metro cities are the pride and joy of India, the bustling centers of its economy and cosmopolitan culture. However, At times , the very pace of the life here can get you feeling like you are running on a treadmill; no matter how fast you sprint, you are not going anywhere. The calendar keeps changing and minutes seem like hours!


Eventually we all dream of flying the nest, getting away from home and move to a city that is new, exciting and yet strangely familiar. Here are some cities apart from the usual metros that will give you great prospects to explore yourself. Although lesser known, these cities are fast and upcoming.



Rising like a phoenix after the great debacle of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the city has fast emerged as the rightful center of economy. One of the greenest cities in India, Bhopal is beautified by its pleasant lakes like Upper Lake, Badi Jheel lake! The Van Vihar national park is a breath of fresh for those lungs clogged with smoke and pollution. A great city for media and engineering professionals, Bhopal has many a reputed heavy industries as well as Times of India, AIR, BIG FM within its vicinity.



The capital of Jharkhand, the beauty of Ranchi lies in its beautiful waterfalls and lakes! Dassam Falls that originate from the Suvarnrekha river fall from a awe inspiring height of 144 feet, even more exhilarating are the Hundru falls which cascade at an elevation of 320ft! Apart from these there are various places of religious importance to lend a feeling of immense peace. Choose this fast emerging urban landscape for it offers ample opportunities in the mineral and natural resources mining as well as heavy industries such as steel and coal.

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The ‘Diamond Capital’ of the nation, Surat has fast become the sparkle of everyone’s eyes. Relaxing beaches, (YES!), peaceful temples and an active cultural scene make it shine with promise for anyone looking for a respite. With ample prospects in the gemstone industry it is also one of the biggest textile manufacturing and retailing centres in the country. The infrastructure and a comparatively affordable cost of living make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get a taste of the Gujarati hospitality!



Consistently topping charts for being the wealthiest, cleanest and most livable cities of the country, this Union Capital of Punjab and Haryana has proven to be one of the best cities to move to. Striking the golden balance between work life and social life, it is at the same time a place for the young blood to test their mettle and the older one to settle down after retirement. The first planned city of India, Chandigarh certainly promises a bright future!



Emerging out of its image of being a majorly tourism led economy; Jaipur has grown beyond everyone’s expectation to become one of the top globally outsourcing cities in India. The upcoming IT Park promises a great future for all companies looking to establish base here. Getting away for a weekend after work is one of the favorite pursuits of the working population here! Enjoying a healthy tourist inflow, your social life here will be both varied and enriching.



Although a city with extreme climatic conditions, Nagpur is richly adorned with wildlife reserves such as Tadoba, Andhari, Pench and Nagzira all around it. For the wildlife enthusiasts, the city is an ideal stopover to set up camp. One of the fastest growing cities in India Nagpur has lived up to the claim with its MIHAN and SEZ projects. The MIDC area and the upcoming IT parks has made it one of the top cities to watch out for. The good news is that the cost of living is comparatively lower than other metropolises of its stature.

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With its pretty beaches and quaint seaside towns, this port city of Kerala, apart from being a major shipyard, is also a hotspot for IT and ITES companies. Kochi effortlessly combines the worlds of modern living along with traditional occupations. Due to its easy access of port, freshwater and banking facilities the growth of this second tier metro city in India has been exemplary and rapid.



This harbor city in the Kerala was once the erstwhile city of spices and being close to the sea was a major merchant port. The beach town which is adorned by a beautiful coastline is also a perfect relaxation place after a long, hard day of work! Transforming like a butterfly the city is now a major mercantile port for all kinds of retail businesses! Major shopping malls and market, make it an ideal city for those looking to make a career in the sector of retail and manufacturing.



The capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar is one of the oldest settlements to appear in records and history books. The temples and long standing cave structures are perfect for the inquisitive soul in you! The best of worlds, ancient and modern, living in this beautiful place is a blessing. Due to its overall climate and living conditions, it was ranked by World Bank as the top city to do business in India! The future certainly looks brighter for all the entrepreneurs out there!



With a salubrious climate and gorgeous paddy fields that grace this charming town, Dibrugarh in Assam is a fresh breath of air for the slick city lad! Who can hope for a better respite after a long, hard day of work than the inviting arms of nature?
Oil, petrochemical, power generation and of course Tea production are the mainstays of this once agrarian economy. Both ONGC and Oil India Limited have their plants in the region.


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