15 Beautiful Places to Have Maggi in India


Those wonderful moments when Mom used to fill our bowls with those 2 minutes delicacies! Those silly fights to finish the lunch box and gulp up those curly delights! Those days, when every college syllabus had a chapter called ‘Maggi at Midnight’! Or those moments, when we used to manage a quick break in office to munch on our favourite Maggi…everything about this yellow packet is so very nostalgic and fascinating as well!


What if now, you are given a chance to relive those fun-filled days once again? Where would you like to have your dose of 2 minutes’ miracle? Well, if you are confused about where to enjoy your bowl of these curly delights now, here is the list of 15 beautiful places to have Maggi in India; let’s see how much you love your Maggi:


Chandratal Lake:

A stunning as well as equally mysterious lake in the Lahaul-Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Chandra Tal Lake is all about magnificent beauty and wonderment! A 2 minutes break around this lake, and you will be ready to chomp off your dose of Maggi amidst fascinating views of the snow-clad peaks and other natural marvels.

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Shikaras or Houseboat, Srinagar:

Imagine waking up amidst the spectacular locales of Srinagar with a bowl of freshly prepared Maggi in hand! Such a lazy morning is all that you can wish while holidaying in the Shikaras or in the magnificent Houseboats in Srinagar.


Ulhas Valley, Khandala:

If there is one thing that even ‘Mr Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan missed in the song ‘Ati kya khandala…’ was a pack of Maggi! Yes, while trekking in the appealing rocky terrains of the Ulhas Valley, a delightful dose of your favourite Maggi will not keep you going, but will also make for a much needed break!


Dehradun-Mussoorie Road:

Doesn’t matter if you find yourself amidst a bunch of strangers while travelling from Dehradun to Mussoorie! Share your packet of Maggi, find a reason to mingle up with these locals and enjoy the 38km enthralling ride through the scenic trails. In case, you are not stuffed well, just hop into one of the Maggi points and get yourself packed!


Sonu Ki Tapri,Futala (Nagpur):

Famed as one of the most popular hangouts in Futala, Nagpur, Sonu Ki Tapri is undoubtedly one of the highest visited and renowned destinations to savour on Maggi along with other beverages. With seating arrangements under the trees and stunning views of the vicinity, this tapri has become a favourite Maggi destination among the youths of Nagpur.


Garbett Point, Matheran:

While the magical beauty of the Garbett Point in the Matheran Range makes it for an astounding trek, sharing a pack of Maggi with friends at this point will add more fun and delight to your trek. If not experienced till now, you just need to go for it and share your yummy experience with everyone!


Pangong Lake:

Don’t just make it your favourite holiday destination; rather make it the dream destination to enjoy your Maggi! A lake where the clouds float only a hand away, this stunning water reservoir in Ladakh and its mesmeric appeal will definitely add more fun to your Maggi!


Kanchenjunga Basecamp, Sikkim:

Imagine a hot and yummy bowl of Maggi after an exhilarating trek in the Himalayan Range! Shadowed by the great My Kanchenjunga, a bowl of your favourite noodles in this basecamp will not only reenergise you, but will also share your happiness with the fellow-mates.


Kalavantin Durg, Panvel:

If the hike to the world’s most dangerous fort fascinates you, why not make the climb memorable with a Maggi? In case, the hike gives you goosebumps, you definitely need a Maggi and overcome your fear!


Agumbe, Karnataka:

A quaint and tiny village in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, Agumbe is also called the ‘Cherrapunjee of the South’. With the rain and showers hindering your movement outside, enjoy or laze around with a delicious bowl of Maggi; you see laziness and Maggi are just made for each other!


Zero Point (Yumesamdong), Sikkim:

At the frosting weather conditions at the Zero Point, Sikkim, all you need is a hot and fuming bowl of Maggi to keep your reflexes alive! Do not just hog into the bowl, share your Sikkim diaries with your friends and adore the magical beauty of the snowy peaks and the stunning vistas around.


Gondola, Gulmarg:

After a fascinating ride in the second highest cable-car in the world, a relaxing break with friends and family is the most obvious desire! Glide over the mesmerising beauty of Gulmarg, and upon its completion, take the much needed Maggi break and come alive at less than 0 degree Celsius.


Khardung La Pass, Ladakh:

At the highest motorable pass in the world, where even breathes freezes down, only a hot-prepared Maggi with a fuming cup of tea/coffee in the world’s highest cafeteria can keep you going! While setting for the Khardung La Pass, just make sure, you have stuffed yourself with enough packets; you never know your desire for Maggi might just go high!


Rohtang Pass:

While travelling from the Kullu Valley to Lahaul-Spiti Valley, step into the Maggi points in the middle of nowhere and treat yourself in the most delicious ways! Well, these points also serve as resting ground of the tourists and temporary attraction points.


Tiger Point, Lonavala:

Cuddle up yourself along with your friends, enjoy the gentle strokes of the soothing breezes in Lonavala and munch on a Maggi meal along with delicious corn bhajiya…don’t just let the fun moments leave you alone!


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