Where can you find the Frozen Bubbles?

What are they?

There are more surprises in the nature than we can ever predict. These surprises are in the form of queer occurrences invented by nature’s incomprehensible creativity and boundless power. One such uncanny and bewildering design of nature is the Frozen Bubble.

Where are they found?

The Frozen Bubbles are found in Lake Abraham. It is an artificial lake that is situated on the North Saskatchewan river which is in Alberta in Canada. The lake has developed a sui generis situation where it gives rise to ‘Frozen Bubbles’.

Frozen Bubbles

How do they evolve?

The organic matters on the lake, which after the completion of their life cycle i.e., after they die, the dead bodies submerge into the water. These dead and decaying bodies are then fed upon by plentiful bacteria inhabiting at the bottom of the lake. Post digestion, these bacterium release methane gas around. This gas, when comes in contact of frozen water, results into the formation of white-coloured drops that eventually float on the lake. But due to low temperature the lake freezes entrapping these floating bubbles just below the lake surface. Thus you have ‘Frozen Bubbles’.

Frozen Bubbles

Other attractions -

Besides the ‘Frozen Bubbles’, there are many other interesting attractions for you to see. The place is a singular offshoot of unique climatic condition that prevails here but which differs from its surrounding areas. You will find stunning mountains, rivers, forests, waterfalls and canyons aside from an archetypal wildlife. You will also find prairie-like grassland which adds to its overall attractiveness.

Frozen Bubbles

What can you do apart from sight seeing?

To begin with you can actively engage yourself in fishing, and then there are may other things that you can try. From mountain biking to canoeing; from kayaking to rock climbing; you can do many things. In addition to that there are also other interesting activities like ice-climbing and winter hiking that take place in winter.


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