Yoga is not a religious activity

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, Indian PM Narendra Modi said that yoga is not a religious activity, and that people should practice it for improved mental and physical health. Addressing over 30,000 yoga enthusiasts, Modi said “Yoga is not about the other life. Therefore, it is not a religious practice. It is the science of this world, it is about what we will get in this life.”

“Yoga is not a religious activity. Many people do not understand yoga completely. It is not what you will get from yoga but what is important is what you will give to yoga and what all (ailments) will it rid you of. It helps is getting mukti (salvation) from health issues,” Narendra Modi said.

The UN designated International Day of Yoga has become a great mass movement and June 21 has been declared as the permanent International Yoga Day.  “Make yoga a part of your life,” Modi said further. “Just as the mobile phone is now a part of your life, make yoga too a part of your life. Yoga binds body, mind, intelligence and soul. It provides a balance to mind and body. Yoga gives health insurance at zero budget… Anyone can do it anywhere…

Narendra Modi further expressed concern over the rising number of diabetics in India, urging people to adopt yoga in their daily lives to tackle the disease. He also announced two annual awards for doing exceptional work for promotion of yoga at the international and national levels, which will be given out from next year.

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