10 Best Mobile Apps For Photographers Who Use Their Phone

Do you snap pictures using your phone often? Being a photographer can be addicting and there’s a vibrant community of photo bloggers across the world that are connected by image apps on their phones.

Technology, gentlemen and ladies is taking us by surprise. We’re walking around with 35 megapixels phones in our pockets, and using it to take bohemian images of the salad and hot dog we had for lunch.

Go charge your handset now, because in this article I am going to share the ten best apps you must have if you are a photographer with a phone.

AntiCrop iOS 69p

Do you ever have a photo that you want to use as a cover photo, but can’t because it’s not wide enough? Well great news, AntiCrop lets you uncrop photos so that you can share them on social media.

You can use Anti crop to expand your pictures and edit them on the go using a simple app on your phone.


Afterlight iOS 69p

Snapchat is a simple image editing app that lets you make fixes and corrections to your photo quickly on the go. The app features 15 adjustment tools and other cropping tools and filters so that you can process a picture in minutes before uploading it online or sharing with friends.
Afterlight is compatible with all your devices and is a powerful post production tool for most of your editing needs.



Snapchat is a mini blogging app for sharing image based stories that lets you share pictures with friends. Snapchat lets you create Snapstories by quickly adding a caption to an image you wish to share. Snapchat is all the rage right now with a thriving community of Snapchatters around the world.


Averagecam Pro

Love to take pictures after sunset, but find that there isn't enough light to get the best results? Averagecam Pro lets you edit images on the go, while intelligently correcting the exposure of images taken in low light. Pictures taken using Averagecam Pro look spectacular and this app is a really cool tool if you use it for night photography or manipulating images with light settings.
The app lets you take multiple picture of the same frame and then correlates the exposure of each one, using the mean exposure as the setting for your final image. In other words, using Averagecam will brighten your images and make them look more presentable.



Do you use your phone for snapping images when enjoying adventure sports or motoring? Skrwt is a nifty and useful app that is touted as the missing link in the smartphone photography evolution. The numerous filters and tools available on the app make your images look professional and groomed. Skrwt is a versatile photo editing tool that is compatible with both your iPhone and your iPad.



Pixlr is an online photo editing app that allows you to edit images on the go using its comprehensive set of mobile and online tools. Apart from the usual capabilities of correcting images and cropping them, Pixlr also has more advanced features that are simplified to use for all serious photo enthusiasts.
Pixlr also has a comprehensive offering of other online based photo editing tools that make the app compatible with any edits you might simultaneously carry out on your PC.



Fotor is an online photo editing app that also has a multipurpose phone app that gives your photography editing an edge. The app prides itself for being user friendly and accessible on the go and users can vouch for this. Fotor is extremely versatile allowing you to make fixes in seconds.
The user interface of the app is also very simple to access and use, so you can pick up this app right away, and not have to spend days trying to understand its various capabilities.



If you are a social media user then you are familiar with the concept of a time line. Being able to archive images of your happiest moments in chronological order is a wonderful possibility. Lifecake is a spectacular app that is designed for families and regarded as the 21st century photo album.
The app lets you easily upload and share images onto a timeline of your life with captions for images and small descriptions. You can also share images with other users. The most amazing part about Life Cake is that the app is extremely user friendly. All you need to do is drag and drop images into a folder and the app will do the rest, archiving images based on the automatic meta descriptions stored on each image.



VSCO cam is a photo sharing app that allows you to create, shoot and discover using your mobile device. The app gives your phone's camera controls additional features and presets. The powerful app has a number of interesting tools, and there’s a lot to discover using the app.
VSCO allows you create a user profile where the images you share with the app are archived and stored according to the history of the image. The app gives you multiple studio layout options and a whopping three different display size views, shelf views, square views, column views and two-column shelf views.


Camera MX

Camera MX is a free camera app for android phones and tablets. The app lets you create live photos using your mobile device. A live photo is similar to a GIF, only with sound and is easier to store and create. Camera MX allows you to add detailed finishing touches to your favourite images. It’s a great image touch-up app with a set of tools that acknowledges all your selfie taking and image uploading needs. The app has a number of cool filters and overlays that give a great finishing effect to your images before you decide to upload them. Some of the filters that the app has, includes HDR, Lomo, Sepia, Vintage, Kaleidoscope and more. The app also has other filter packages that can added to your app for better photo results and editing capabilities.

With any of these great editing and photo sharing tools you can take your photography and visual art to the next level. I hope you found these app suggestions useful. You can find more information on the mentioned apps online.


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