20 Ways That Travelling Alone Makes You Feel Like A Boss!


When deciding where to go for a vacation, most plans go astray at the planning stage. Managing everybody’s time schedules, leaves, money and most of all preference of destination can be quite a pain in the wrong place. Quit! Just quit bothering about all of that and start travelling alone. It will give you strength, vigor, empowerment and most of a strong sense of self.


Here are 20 reasons why travelling alone makes you feel like a boss, it IS a part of superhero training, you know?


You Start Knowing Who You Really When You Are By Yourself

Being alone can be daunting at first, but soon it will turn to the most comforting situation to be in. Oft times, it is noticed that we change as the people around us do. Travelling solo, will make you come to terms with who you truly are. With all your flaws, beauties and drawbacks, you are complete! When you come back, you will start realizing the comfort of just being yourself, no matter where you are.


Chance Conversations Can Lead To A Lifetime Of Correspondence

Picture this, you are sitting in a restaurant eating all by yourself and happen to glance at another stranger sitting alone at another table and offer him a sweet smile of empathy. They come over, and before you know it you are chatting nineteen to a dozen about all the things you love or hate, maybe you even continue the trip ahead together! How awesome is that?


You Begin To Take Kindness As A Given

Contrary to the perceptions that the grim news has built around us, the world is full of genuinely nice people who are kind, warm and giving at heart. They can meet you at the most unexpected places, maybe at a subway station where you are tired, dehydrated, depressed and regretting your choice of being alone, a kind stranger comes and offers you a sweet smile of knowing. From such smiles, to glasses of water when the sun beats down upon your face, to maybe a simple gesture to make you understand directions ina foreign land and language. Kindness meets you when you least expect it!


You’ll Begin To Understand That You Just Need To Get Somewhere, Not Necessarily Fast

In our normal lives, we are just looking ahead and nowhere else like a horse that has been fitted with a visor. In our hurry to get somewhere, we forget to notice the beauty around us. Travelling helps us in taking time to stop and smell the proverbial roses. You will actually make time to stand and stare.


You Begin To Understand The Difference Between Want And Need

Once you embark on a solo trip, you start realizing that you can only carry so much stuff without being overburdened. This is the most important lesson that you’ll even learn, even in your life you’ll start letting go of the small things in life that stop you from moving ahead.  Packing essentials only and taking from life only learning lessons will help you move to the next destination, undeterred.


You’ll learn The Difference between Being Selfish and Being Self Centered, And That Both Are Ok

Travelling teaches you to first embrace your natural state of being and if at heart all human beings are selfish, then why should you feel guilty being so? Placing your needs at the center, you start knowing that doing things for yourself is really not such a bad thing.


You Can Take Your Own Time To Process Things

When travelling alone, you can process things at your own pace. Whether it’s a familiar fragrance you are trying to place, or stopping and just staring at a view that is too good to bypass. You are the master of your own time and hurry is the furthest thing from your mind, you can manage and process things at a speed most comfortable to you.


You Will Become Your Own Hero

When embarking on a trip alone, you’ll often be your own tour guide, expert and companion. When in situations that demand strength and resilience, you will have to be your own saviour. It is at these times, that you will realize that you are much more than you give yourselves credit for.  Through difficulties, you will emerge a stronger and overall badass individual.


Your Mind Will Be Open And More Impulsive

Adventures, experiences, thrilling detours are all playing hide and seek on your way, all you have to do is gather your courage and say to adventure, “I found you!” As you get back to your regular life, you will realize that you are much more open and accepting to newer situations, challenges and opportunities.


You’ll Finally Realize Where Threshold of Resistance Lies

Stretching your own limits, expanding your horizons of opportunity and opening up yourself will suddenly start seeming like a not so great idea! You might start hyperventilating, anxious, nervous and want to give it all up and you probably will. However, this will teach you that travelers or not we each have our limitations that we cannot go beyond. That’s pretty huge learning, we say!


You Will Realize That Making Decisions Is Not Your Function Alone

The more you travel the more you realize that sometimes it is better to just let go of control and the urge to know and decide the outcome of every situation. This is because, more often than not, your decision will be affected by rules by weather, chance, comfort others and so on. At this juncture you’ll let life run on its own harness and accord and make things happen for you! And say ‘Maktub’ (As it is said in Farsi)

You Will Be Humbled By The Magnanimity Of Nature

Nature, the ultimate teacher, the ever enduring spectacle. War or peace, sun or shade, ideal situations or adverse; Mother Nature is constantly at work incessantly. The magnificence of tall trees, the function of a tiny leaf, the snowcapped mountain peaks and the beauty of each snowflake, all these will teach you just where you stand in the grand schema. You might be small, or larger than life but we each have a role to play.


Not Only Empowerment, Travel Will Also Teach You How Weak You Are

When you travel, you are sometimes needed to find the fine balance between trust, blind trust and total lack of it. Picture this, a beggar child comes to you and asks you for money, which you in fact now that he might be using for anti-social activities. What would you do? Trust your knowledge or give the child money to assuage your guilt? It is situations like these that teach you what the limitations of your conscience are.


You’ll Learn That Your Adrenaline Will Push You Far Beyond Your Boundaries!

That whooshing in the pit of your stomach when you take your first bungee jump, that rush you feel when you summit a peak or that pure thrill of embarking on something new! All of these will push you to try out newer experiences that you never thought you could even dare to put yourself into. Expanding the boundaries will teach you that comfort zones are just a myth!


You’ll be A Full, Complete and Real Person

As humans we are all made up of what others think us to be. Travelling alone will teach you who you really are when no one is around you, not one familiar face that can judge or control you! You will come back a different and yet the same person.


You Can Choose Your Roles As Per The Destination

Maybe when you go to the mountains, you don’t want to trek to their summits, maybe you just want to camp at the foothills, or perhanps on a beach you would rather indulge in adventure sports than just sit and guzzle beer! You can be all that and more, you can choose to take up roles, like trying on dresses and carry the ones you love the most back home. No one is watching and there are no judging eyes! Why stop yourself?


You Will Be The Experiment And World Your Lab!

Where the world is your cocoon and the people your family, different situations can bring out totally unexpected reactions in you. You might even end up surprising yourself with your actions! Unpredictability is the spice of life, you can’t even predict our own actions, you are surely in for a rollicking adventure!


You Will Gain A Better Perspective Towards Your Problems

Exploring new cultures, talking to new people and trying to understand their daily lives and struggles will teach you a thing or two about dealing with your ‘first world problems’! Maybe if you throw your problems in a pile with theirs, you will take yours back. It might even happen that seeing them handle problems as well as happiness so effectively, you will realize a newer way to embrace your own.


You Will Stop Relying On Predictability

As you start making travel plans to go solo, you start realizing that no matter how much you plan everything to the last detail, the ‘best laid plans doth often go astray’. As you travel far and wide, you start to come terms with the fact that in fact it is travel that is planning you, not the other way round. Follow the path with open eyes and you are sure to witness some stunning sights that you would have otherwise missed, taking the oft beaten path with known twists and turns.


Most Important Of All: You Will Know That YOU Are An Amazing Person!

From deciding to go solo, making all arrangements, managing finances, finally getting there and then exploring the destinations to the fullest; you will come back a better, more aware and stronger individual. Forget everything that is stopping you, cross all the excuses and just know this that the best time to travel is NOW! You can always make more money, splurge on shopping, make that investment; But, you can’t always make memories!


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