Have you tried out Assamese cuisine yet?


Assam is known for its lush green fields, moderate rains and its people. However, this Northeastern state is still relatively less explored. Which is why, its cuisine too, hasn’t gotten its due yet. Not too many people know that Assamese cuisine is as enthralling as the state’s natural beauty. Infused with exotic ingredients and flavours, the cuisine makes for a truly impeccable gastronomic experience.

Here we make an effort to bring to you a list of must-try dishes from Assam.

Khar – A traditional meat delicacy

A traditional Assamese meal always begins with Khar and rice. And it’s believed that Khar cleanses the stomach. It is prepared by filtering water through the ashes of sun-dried banana skin. This is then generously used along with raw papaya or other vege-tables or fish to whip up a signature Assamese dish.

Masor Tenga — Tangy and light fish curry

A traditional Assamese fish curry, it is best enjoyed with steamed rice. The most common version of this fish curry is made using rohu or catfish with a combination of tomatoes, fenugreek seeds, chopped coriander, lemon juice, sugar and other spices.

Pani Hamuk — A dish made of snails

Pani Hamuk comprises water snails cooked with pumpkin or potatoes along with vari-ous other spices. Exquisite in flavour and taste — this Assamese dish is as exotic as they come.

Baahor Chungat Maach — Fish cooked in hollow bamboo

This dish is unique to Assam. To prepare this dish, fresh fishes are cooked inside hol-low bamboo over a charcoal fire. Scrumptious and lip-smacking, this dish is usually relished with boiled rice.

Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura – Chicken cooked with bamboo shoot

Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura is one of the oldest Assamese chicken dishes. The recipe is the same as that of other chicken dishes, but for this dish, when the chicken is deep fried, grated bamboo shoot is added to enhance the taste of the chicken. Served with boiled rice, this dish is a must try for chicken lovers.

Paro Manxho – Dish made using pigeon meat

Paro Manxho is made using banana flower, pigeon meat and various spices like cumin seeds, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, etc. Extremely refreshing, this dish is perfect during the winters as it keeps your body warm.

Babori Xaak Aru Haah Koni – A combination of Assamese herb and duck eggs

To prepare this dish, Babori Xaak, a popular vegetable of Assam, is cooked with duck eggs. It’s sautéed with chillies, salt and garlic in mustard oil to create a wonderful fla-vour.

Dhekia Xaak — An edible fern dish

Dhekia Xaak, or fiddlehead fern, signifies the arrival of spring. The Assamese love to cook Dhekia with tomatoes, potatoes, chopped onions and spices. At times, shrimps can be added as per requirement. 

Alu Pitika — A simple mashed potato

Alu Pitika is loved by all of Assam. For this, boil potatoes and mash them. Add ingredi-ents like onions and chillies to enhance the flavour. Delicious and appetising, Alu Pitika is usually served as a side dish or a snack.

Dhaniar Bor — Coriander leaf fritters

Dhaniar Bor is nothing but coriander leaf fritters that are deep fried in mustard oil. Tasty and easy to prepare, this snack is usually served with chutney.

There is more to Assamese cuisine than just taste and flavour. Sample it yourself and dig in to the delights that is authentic Assamese food.


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