Tired of making New Year Resolutions? Try this instead.


If you’ve grown tired of trying to keep up with your New Year resolutions beyond January, you’re not alone. Long after the enthusiasm wears off, you find yourself back in the same rut that you had resolved to get out of. But wait! All is not lost yet. Presenting Vision Boards- a whole new way of listing your resolutions AND ensuring you meet them!


What is a Vision Board?

Simply put, a Vision Board is a collection of images and words that serve as a conscious reminder of our goals and aspirations. This may sound crazy, but achieving goals is as much about self-belief than it is about hard work. Consciously thinking about and visualising your dreams can have a powerful effect on your motivation and drive to achieve your goals. This is where a Vision Board helps.

How does a Vision Board work?

A Vision Board is an extension of the somewhat esoteric philosophy called the Law of Attraction, which says that visualising a goal as having come to pass, accelerates its manifestation in your life. In simpler words, if you visualise yourself achieving your goal, it increases your chance of actually achieving it. How does that happen? Well, a Vision Board engages your imagination to create a mental image of what life would be like if the goal were to be realised. This immediately releases endorphins or feel-good chemicals in your brain which, at the very least, serve to boost your energy. More importantly, Vision Boards help you clarify your ‘why’ for wanting something and keep you committed to achieving them. Good reasons for making yourself a vision board, isn’t it?

How can ICICI Bank help?

We are here to help you make your own Vision Board. In our next email, we will share a video that can take you through the process of making your own Vision Board.

Whatever be your goal, we wish to help you work towards them, you tick them off your vision board as accomplished. 

Here’s to a healthy, happy and successful year in which all your dreams come true!

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