Food items you thought were Indian but are actually not


We Indians are proud of our lip-smacking cuisine and are often guilty of ‘Indianising’ other international foods we encounter to please our flavour palate.

However, did you know that there are several popular Indian delicacies that do not have an Indian origin at all. Here’s a list of some of our favourite dishes that are not of Indian origin:

Gulab Jamun

The gulab jamun is one of the most delicious desserts served in the country. People across all ages are known to be in love with this dish, but did you know that the gulab jamun originated in the Mediterranean region? Well yes. It was brought to India by Persian invaders.



Hold on! We know it is hard to digest but yes, the beverage that fuels the country came from China. 



Samosas are enjoyed all over the country, whether from a high-end shop of the suburbs or a street shop serving it with green chutney. However, this delicious snack originated from the Middle East, where it is called sambossa. 



While you might be shaking your head with disapproval on reading this name, it is actually true. This famous comfort food has its origins in Mexico. 



The jalebi has been making our desserts plates better for decades. However, these delicious orange rings find their origins in Persia, where they were known as zulabiya. 


Chicken tikka masala

Sorry for breaking your heart, but this mouthwatering dish that finds its way into your order every time you dine out has non-Indian origins. To be specific, it was invented in Glasgow.  No matter where these dishes originated, we have made these our own with our food love. So don’t fret and prepare your favourite dish today. Let us take care of the ingredients!


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