Make Boring Interesting


Did you ever need an excuse to eat idlis before? Now you would! For idlis are now no longer only round shaped. Prestige has created a piece of history  by embarking on this fresh culinary journey of presenting interesting shapes of idlis. Lure your family to the dining table for an exciting meal or a wholesome snack with the variety of shapes of idlis available.


Share your love with your near and dear ones with the heart shaped idlis. Let your kids explore their geometric skills with the square of triangular idlis. No more coaxing your children to finish their meal or to hear those annoying complaining groans to get through their meal. Moms would be appreciated for their variety of idli shapes and homemakers would be motivated to prepare a variety of spicy condiments to complement the idlis.

Idlis are savored as a wholesome breakfast or as a snack to charge your energy levels to begin your day. It is a popular and safe food to be had anywhere, anytime as it is steamed, making it light and easy to digest. Being consumed regularly, it is heartening to know that now it is available in interesting and different shapes for a comforting meal, breaking the monotony of the regular round shaped idlis.

The innovative idli stands with the variety of mold shapes being available, would be a welcome accessory to have to go with your loyal Prestige pressure cooker. It becomes a breezy affair to steam these savory cakes for a delectable meal.

So which one are you having today? A triangle shaped, square shaped, or a heart shaped idli?


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