Popular ‘rajma’ dishes from around the globe


We know you love paneer, but rajma is not far behind! While rajma is surely among India’s most loved gravies, these beans are just too versatile to be used to make just one awesome delicacy. Check out how your all-time favourite beans transform into mouth-watering dishes in countries around the world.


Baked beans – United States of America

Baked beans are popular all over the United States. In fact, Americans love beans so much that Boston is lovingly called ‘The Beantown’ because of its famous Boston baked beans. While the dish tastes like a million bucks, it also happens to be a nutritional jackpot due to its high protein, fibre, iron and calcium content.

Rajma chawal – India

Indians love rajma to no end. Rajma-Chawal is indeed the homecoming dish for so many of us, especially after a long time away from family. While we bug our mothers to make rajma-chawal almost every Sunday, we also love devouring this delicacy on special occasions because rajma can never go wrong, right?

Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is laden with beans of all kinds. There are beans in almost everything from burger patties to burritos to salads, and thanks to the creative use of spices, these dishes are extremely rich in flavour. So, the next time you order quesadillas, don’t be surprised to find some ‘rajma’ in the filling!

Cuban black bean soup – Cuba

Apart from its cigars and vintage cars, Cuba is famous for its signature black bean soup. Enriched with the goodness of black beans and sour cream, this soup is of smooth and creamy texture and is known for the unique taste of slow-cooked black beans.


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