13 Ridiculously Silly Excuses for a Vacation That Will Make Your Boss Say “Whatt?”


The heat is on increase, however, it’s not the weather that’s irritating, but the continuous eyes of your boss just to make sure you meet the deadlines. The sudden happy doses of ‘Long Weekend’ have stepped out of the door for long, and what to talk about TV – stars are vacationing, cricketers are touring and here you are stuck in your cubicle with nothing on calendar except reminders!

Get over the common excuse of “I am getting a feeling that I’m about to fall ill”,Yes, it’s tough, but don’t worry! We bring you some of the terrific silliest excuses that you can try not for a day off but for a vacation, yes! Vacation.


We however, advise you to use your conscience before you jump in your boss’s office with any one of these excuses.


You’ve been gone for so long, I’m runnin’ outta time


Shake it off!


Phone Na Milega Dobara!


With great power comes great responsibility!


Work hard, play hard, Keep partyin’ like it’s your job


The fault in my stars


They are never ever ever getting back together!


Because I’m all about that shades


‘Cause I’m a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR!


Let it Snow!


GDFR (Going Down For Real)


Do you want me to die?


There’s nothing like Australia!



Cox and kings
DCP expeditions
Rent Set Go