Go Girl Go Solo – Age no bar to awaken the wanderer in you!


Hope our first post took you on an awesome trip down celluloid lanes and got you all charged up and inspired to wear those wandering shoes. So are you all set to go city hopping now?

If you have made some or the other travel in your lifetime, you will realize that one size does not fit all. As we grow older, not only do our mindsets change but also our travel preferences, not to forget our fitness and energy levels.


We understand your inhibitions while zeroing down on the ideal destination and to ensure that your travel is stress-free and filled with awesome memories, here’s our recommended list of idyllic destinations for every type of woman traveler.

For the uber chic college girl

We know you are rearing to see the whole world, make new friends and oh yes, how can we forget the shopping sprees. With those kinds of interesting objectives in mind, we highly recommend you to go on a beach getaway or do something adventurous like a wild life safari. Goa is a great place to start off with and once you are confident enough of going solo, you could also explore international destinations like Oahu in Hawaii or Florida. Go surfing and enjoy some retail therapy at a small surf shops. For adventure, you can choose amongst the huge array of safaris both in India and abroad like Rathambore National Park, Jim Corbett National Park or safaris spread across USA, South Africa to name a few.

For the ambitious, career-oriented working woman

Being fiercely competitive and successful has its share of trade-offs. Personal life and ‘me time’ are first to get sacrificed. And sometimes it gets so overwhelming that you just feel like running away. Relax and give yourself some much needed solace. Head to a nearby hill station and book yourself into a nice resort. Watch the misty skies over a cup of steaming hot tea and let the day drift by with nothing much to do. Wouldn’t that be an ideal vacation with actual nothing on your mind? Matheran, Mahabaleshwar are great contenders but if you are keen of going up north then Manali, Darjeeling are good options too. But if you are a water girl, then we recommend a trip to Bali, Thailand or going cruising across Greece or Turkey.

For the lady of the house, a full-time mom

This is by far the toughest role to play in a woman’s life. Test of patience and endurance, the lady in this group, should try to spare at least some quality time for herself. A solo trip is sure to relax your nerves and help you rejuvenate; giving you the much needed break from the everyday boring routine. Well, we know you will have a mixed bag of emotions. Liberating and exciting on one side but sad and on the edge, on the other, with the thought of leaving the kids behind. We highly recommend that you head straight to Florence, Paris or Amsterdam. The scenic landscape of these iconic destinations is sure to take your breath away and allow you to live the care-free, girl-next-door kind of a life for a few days. But if you intend starting off closer to home, Tarkarli, Ooty, Munnar are great getaways.

For the dear young at heart senior lady

Image courtesy: www.outbackspirittours.com.au

This is best time in the life of a woman. With all major family commitments taken care of and with the golden years of retirement just starting off, this is the best time to go on that much-awaited solo trip. And mind you, there is no rule as such that the trip needs to be spiritual. You can have some fun too. Here’s our recommended list for you – the Bahamas where you can go snorkeling by the reef or swim with dolphins, Gold Coast, Australia where you can enjoy paddle boating or take a trip to the rain forest. You could also head to Costa Rica and discover some of the world’s most unbelievable volcanoes.

So what are you waiting for, be courageous, stay safe and go on that incredible solo trip!

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This blog was contributed by Mona Punjabi.


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