10 Amazing Backpackers’ Youth Hostels To Avoid Burning Your Savings

If you are in your early 20’s, there is a good chance that you have just started earning or are pursuing your masters or some other degree. Do you also feel that all of us millennial crowd are nowadays intoxicated with one fad – Travel or to be precise Backpacking? But passion comes with its own boundaries and the biggest constraint that all of us face while travelling is budget. Hotels, homestays, guesthouses were appealing in 90’s but we are in 2016 folks – and this is the time of Youth Hostels.

If you are new to the world of hostels then, do not worry my friend! Your Baymax is here – below mentioned are a list of cheap youth hostels for accommodation in India that should make your travelling experience a whole lot less expensive.

1. The name says it all – Moustache, Jaipur

MoustacheImage Source: Google


The land of the Golden Fortress, Rajasthan is a location that is synonymous with beautiful locations and stunning architecture. For those travelling to Jaipur and looking for a cheap place to stay, consider Moustache hostels.

Located on M I Road near Ganpati Plaza, Moustache is a beautiful hostel which is centrally located and about 12 kilometers from the airport. A single day stay here on a 6 person sharing basis costs about 400₹ which is easy on the pocket and offers a wonderful stay at the same time. Have fun staying here!

2. One stop for all the hippies – Stops Hostel, Varanasi


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Moving a little to the east, we have Stops Hostel in Varanasi. Varanasi is a beautiful city through which the Ganges flows and is renowned for its beautiful locations and serene Ghats. The Stops Hostel is a backpacker’s heaven and is perfect to camp in when travelling here.

Varanasi is a city that is best explored on foot and for anyone on a tight budget, the best location to be as your expense is low and accommodation at the hostel is very cheap. A single day stay here on a 6 person sharing basis costs about 599₹. Like seriously, this place is so good it cannot be stressed enough. Look at the picture and the decoration below and tell us if it doesn’t look like paradise. Told you!

3. What more can we say – Bed and Chai, Delhi


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Keeping with our North India theme, let’s switch over to the capital of India, New Delhi. Delhi is usually a starting point especially if you are travelling up north and accommodation rates here can be a nightmare. Bed and Chai is a unique concept stay as the management has tied up with ESCIP (Empowering Spinal Cord Injured Persons India Trust).

Every morning when you have breakfast here, you have a chance to interact with the occupants who are being helped to blend into society. Considering the other options listed here, Bed and chai might be a little expensive as a dormitory costs around 4500₹. To top it off, the guesthouse also donates some of their earnings to the NGO. If not for expense purposes, you should most definitely consider staying here for the noble work that they are doing.

4. Keep that wallet loaded – Youth Hostel, Kolkata


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Next up on our list is a comfortable hostel in the City of Joy, Kolkata. Youth Hostel is a very cozy stay in the city with nice and clean rooms on a budget. Kolkata is not a very expensive city and staying in a hostel minimizes your expenses by a large extent.

Don’t be surprised by the hospitality of the place when you reach here as the management here comprises of a lovely bunch of people who want you to have a great stay while you explore the city. A night stay here will cost you between 500 to 600 bucks at most and comes with a bunch of facilities.

5. By the way, it’s awesome – By the way,Cherrapunjee by the way


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Moving on to the very eastern parts of India, we have Cherrapunjee, a quaint little town in Meghalaya. If you are ever here, consider putting up at By the Way. It’s very conveniently located and is perfect for backpackers. The rent is 250 ₹. Yes, you read it correct, its 250. It’s not a luxurious stay, not by any means, but it’s clean and well maintained and if you are a backpacker on a budget, what more could you ask right?

6. In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight- JUNGLE by The Hostel Crowd, Goa

Jungle Goa

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We have now arrived to the more southern part of the country, Goa. Goa is one of those locations where you want to spend but not on things like accommodation. And if you are anything like me (Chances are that you are) you would rather spend your money on travelling around and on the cheap alcohol that we all love Goa for.

Look no further than Jungle where a dorm stay costs between 400 to 600 ₹. It is located close to Vagator beach and is frequented by foreigners and Indian alike so you will always have great company to be around, especially if you are a solo traveler.

7. The king of all Hostels – Zostel, Goa


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There is no second guessing that Goa is the Hippie capital of India and is certainly a tourist magnet throughout the year. No matter you are an Indian or a ‘Firang’ you will need to save those green notes and the best way to keep your wallet loaded – cut down on alcohol- No! Cut down on accommodation – a big Yes!

Zostel caters to all kinds of travelers and owing to its popularity they have their branches in almost all popular tourist hot-spots across India. While here you can stay on as low as 600₹. And yeah all you girls out there, there is a really high probability of meeting your ‘Edward Cullen’ here.

8. Not by Ashutosh Gowariker- Swades Guest House, Pondicherry


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Located in beautiful Pondicherry, Swades Guest House is a comfortable stay close to the beach. Pondicherry is a beautiful place to be, with its rich heritage, lovely beaches and French architecture (It’s everywhere, we kid you not).

The people managing this place, Iiyas and Alifa, speak French, English and Tamil and have been appreciated by all as being wonderful hosts. Live here in peace and have fun staying here. The tariff begins for a price within 1000₹ – which is certainly a pretty decent amount , you bet!

9. Detox and Enjoy- Social Rehab, Bangalore

Social rehab

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And finally, we have reached to our very own silicon city, Namma Bengaluru. Social Rehab is a fun stay that is comfortable and provides free WI-FI, T.V, games, books and guides. It is literally the perfect detox experience for you as you chill here and relax on a budget.

An average night stay here costs between 600-800 ₹.  And it is located in Indiranagar, 5 minutes walking distance from TOIT. Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this.

10. Perfect place to enjoy the perfect coastal beauty – Vedanta, Varkala


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This stunning hostel has been set up in popular under-the radar coastal destinations of South India including Varkala. Justifying its name, this hostel provides its travelers a true blend of ethnicity – travelers can pick the music instrument of their choice as Vedanta provides its guests various music instruments apart from basic facilities.

If you think that music and literature might stress your wallet, then, take a break as here you can stay for as cheap as 300 ₹ – an offer that you certainly cannot refuse to take.


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