Types of Natural Light

BACKLIGHT: When the light is directly in front of you, lighting your subject from behind, it is called “Backlight”. Backlight can create dramatic silhouettes. Backlight creates the rim light. It works all the time when sun is out if you want to shoot images in natural lighting condition.


SIDELIGHT: Sidelight occurs when the light hits your subject on one side casting a shadow on the other. The contrast between light and dark emphasizes the texture and shape, more apt for creative side of photography.


FRONT LIGHT: When the sun is behind you, hitting the front of the subject directly, it is called “Frontlight”. This gives more steady and predictable outcome.



REFLECTED LIGHT: Reflected light is a soft non-direct light that bounces from one surface to another. It tends to take on the color of the surface it has reflected off. Using reflection in your image leads to more creative and artistic effects.


DIFFUSED LIGHT: Diffused, soft light is a type of light you find in the shade, on a bright but overcast day, or when there fog or mist in the atmosphere.


TWILIGHT: It happens a few minutes after the sun goes down or a few minutes before the sun comes up. In the period between day and night, there is plenty of usable light rich in colour. It is more suitable for landscape and seascape photography.


NIGHT: you can use the opportunity to click long exposure images



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