20 Ways You Can Overcome the Common Fears While Travelling


Even as you take the decision to travel, you are forced to stop in your tracks and rethink about what you are doing. Worries plague you whenever you are about to take that next big step and unnecessary concerns voiced by ‘caring’ people around you do not help! But, relax! Take a deep breath and let’s concentrate on the solutions instead of the problems, shall we? Here they are, all of your travel worries, answered and solved!


What if I get robbed?

The simplest way to not get robbed, is to think like the robber! Who would be your first target? Undoubtedly the guy who repeatedly checks his wallet, right? So! Try not to look to obvious protecting your valuables and act like you know your way around a place. Placing your wallet in the front pocket of your jeans or jacket is always a good idea.


What will people think?

Why do you travel? To show off? To put statuses on Facebook? (It’s expected that you reply to these questions in the negative!) No, right? Then why worry about what strangers will think of you? You’re in a country to appreciate and enjoy it the way you want to. Dress boho, dance like no one’s watching or maybe even join a laughing club! Who cares?


What if I am Jetlagged for most of the trip?

The worst thing about jetlag is that it leaves you tired and grumpy, actually wait no, cross that, the worst thing about Jetlag is worrying about being worried about the worries of Jetlag! Doesn’t make sense, right? Neither does worrying. Just sleep at the time the locals do, and get up bright and early. Binging on sleeping pills or coffee is ill advised.


What to wear?

The simplest and the oldest trick in the book is to pack for weather and not for function. Research on travel forums and read up on the climate and weather conditions of the destination. Do not OVERPACK! Ladies, flats are fine! Heels don’t HAVE to be in the bag and Men! It’s unlikely that anyone would remember that you wore the same clothes on two days. Stop when you think you are prepared for the weather. Efficiency is the key!


Getting Sick

Acceptance is the first step to recovery. No matter how many immunity pills you take, it can’t stop a stray germ from entering your system. Faraway country, travelling, new food all are the usual suspects that are likely to make you fall sick. Ask co-travellers and people who have been to the country or region you are travelling to, and carry necessary meds and any meds you are already on. Try not to drink any water that you think is unsafe.


Breaking the law

Let’s face it! The best way to break a law, is not knowing about it! But, can you be expected to know all the laws of all the places that exist on the face of this earth? No! Just be cautious, don’t try to take back or bring endangered items or narcotics and you will be sorted. Observe and analyse the public and decorum and try not to draw any attention to yourself.


The Language Barrier

It can be quite annoying to travel to a strange land, where you can’t really get the hang of the language, no doubt. However, even if you learn how to say, “I don’t speak (insert language)” In local languages of the country, it will take you far. Also, use some common gestures to explain yourself! Fair warning, some gestures mean totally different things in different countries, read up on these (insert blog link) before you start waiving your hands around madly!


Follow the itinerary

The aim of travel is the journey and not the arrival. Don’t be too worried if you don’t make it to certain destination on time or as decided. You can probably do something else and take the road less beaten to arrive at a beautiful vista! Plan only the essentials, give yourself some leg room to explore.


Getting Lost

Unless embarrassment is your biggest concern, getting lost is really not that big a deal! Stop, use Maps on your phone, buy a map from the airport gift shop or the best way? Ask the locals for directions. However, just to be safe double and cross heck the instructions you receive; lest the person you asked is a ridiculous know-it-all.


Worrying about Airline Mishaps

Apart from ruining your flying time, there’s really nothing much you can do about airline mishaps, unless of course you are the pilot. What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, so pop that seat back, read, watch a movie or simply chat up that pretty girl next to you. Worst case, you are in a mishap, you’ll atleast have good company!


Unfriendly locals

When you travelling to any country or a state, you are a guest and consequently that country is your host. However, what happens if the host is not cordial, unwelcoming and maybe even downright antagonistic? Your travel is ruined by one bad experience. The best way to avoid this is to just calm down and respect the choices and inclination of the locals. The best way to get respect is give respect. Try not to do anything rash that will invite the wraths of the locals.


Inhospitable ‘budget’ hotels

In order to save up on the budget a lot of us tend to skimp up on the living quarters and opt for ‘budget’ hotels. Some of them turn out to be pieces of heaven and others just leave you in pieces! Make sure you log on to different travel forums and websites and get maximum and authentic data on your staying options.


Destination not living up to its reputation

So? Goa has to have a party on the beach, Agra has to be historic and overseas destinations  have to be modern and developed? But what if you found a piece of history while travelling in Goa or a happening party place in Agra and an indigenous tribe in the modernity of New Zealand, what would surprise you more?


Loss of connectivity

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes being disconnected from the outside world can actually be a good thing! Fear of Missing Out is a very serious condition that is threatening to envelop us all. Let go and embrace the newness of every experience, without wanting to share it with the world. However, if you should find yourself in cases of emergency, it’s always a good idea to carry a local card.


Losing passport

This is a fear that plagues most of us who want to travel overseas! Simplest tip to avoid doing it is to keep it on your person at all times. Do not deposit the passport as a proof of identity anywhere and always use a hotel safe, wherever possible to store it. Carry a body bag that you can hide it in!


Working out

As absurd as that sound to most of us, not being able to work out is a worry that grabs hold of all the health freaks out there! But fret not, you can always use a hotel gym or even simply run around the block! Great opportunity for sightseeing and it burns away the fat from dessert eaten last night!


Currency Exchange

Read up on exchange rate and currency denominations for all countries you wish to travel to. Talk to the locals or like-minded travelers in order to find the most reliable place for exchange of currencies.


Vegetarian Food

For a lot of travelers, food is a major concern and more so, for the vegetarians. While most vegetables are globally available, it is also possible that most of them are imported. This is likely to make them overpriced than any other vegetables that are of a local produce Research well on the food habits and produces of the country so that you can save on money and taste the fresh locally grown veggies!


Eve Teasing

Being eve teased is the ad reality that ever woman traveler faces when she travelling alone or with family. The best way to get past it is to get talking to a local woman comfortable with your language. They will show the perpetrators the error of their ways, in the most daring fashion! Keep your head high and try not to let the little perverts bother you.


Spending too much money

Unless you have a cart load of inheritance money waiting for you, its best that you travel on a budget. Plan in advance to get cheap deals on hotels and airlines, and make a rough budgeting of the trip. Leave aside some wiggle room for unintended and impulsive buys!


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