The Blissfully Dead Night

"The flower gloom and the forest bloom but the distance remain the same.."

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The flower gloom and the forest bloom but the distance remain the same,
The candle light and the stale fork bite was all she had in claim.

The night crawled and distance spread but the doors never creaked open,
As she has been waiting a long long time, she never gave up hoping.

The winds were heavy and clouds were low,
But she never was afraid.
The forest was a dear friend,
Who was always at her aid.

But that day the winds were rough and trees were fighting hard,
Her hands were shaking and glasses were breaking as everything fell apart.

And with the wind came the footsteps she waited for a long time,
But the storm stopped and clouds burned off like the stillness of wartime.

But it wasn't war, it was her son she has been waiting for so long,
But he was pale and tired and frail, and no longer that soldier strong.

Her mother rejoiced and ran to him but only fell down to see,
That it was not him, her son she loved but his spirit standing on her glee.

He had not come alone, a visitor stood by mute.
A darkened face in the darkened night in all his darkened suit.

The visitor said to the weeping mother
"Stand up my poor child,
you have waited a long long time now your suffering I end,
Here has come your beloved son for your broken heart to mend."

The mother happily stood up straight, she is finally going to unite,
To the soldier son she sent once, for someone else's wars to fight.

The visitor came close and took her hands and now can she see him,
A bright face in the dark night, who said that death was grim.