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India is a country full of surprises, fascinating stories and myths. Certain info like the invention of number zero, and India being the largest democracy in the world is known to all. However, there are some quirky and interesting facts, we bet not many are aware of! So, get acquainted with intriguing facts about our country with Cox & Kings’ – Indeed India!

1) Did you know Asia’s cleanest village is present in India?


Doesn’t Mawlynnong resemble a picture perfect storybook village?

Yes, you read that right! Contrary to popular belief, India is home to Asia’s cleanest village – the Mawlynnong Village in Cherrapunji. Also referred to as ‘God’s Own Garden’, this village has won international accolades for being spic and span. Mawlynnong village is extremely beautiful and appears to have popped out of a storybook with picturesque waterfalls, living root bridges and an unusual balancing rock. With 100% literacy rates and eco-tourism being practiced here, Mawlynnog is one place that should be on everyone’s ‘To-Visit’ list.


2) Snakes and humans live in harmony in this village


Snakes are worshiped in the village of Shetpal

Snakes! The word itself is enough to give cold shivers to many. Now imagine one roaming about casually in your house. Frightening right? Well, this is not the case for the people of Shetpal, a small village in Sholapur, Maharashtra. Known for their snake worship, people here have created resting places in their homes to welcome the snakes. At Shetpal, snakes are considered sacred, are worshiped and allowed to roam freely in the houses and village. Surprisingly, no case of snake bites has ever been reported in this village!


3) India is home to one of the highest tea estates in the world


Wow! The view itself is enough to enchant the visitors

The Kolukkumalai Tea Estate located at a staggering height of 8,000 feet is without doubt one of the best places to experience “at the top of the world” feeling. This estate is located one and a half hour away from Munnar, and is encompassed by stunning mountains on all sides.

PS: While you are reveling in the feeling of being at the top, enjoy their delicious, flavourful cup of tea.


4) Welcome to Kodinhi, India’s Twin village!


The curious case of twin village – Kodinhi

Having twins is rare, well not in the tropical village of Kodinhi! This village in Kerala has scientists scratching their heads because of the high rate of twins born here! With 350 pairs of twins amongst a population of 2,000, Kodinhi has definitely managed to baffle the world.


5) World’s largest river island belongs to India


Visit Majuli Island and get charmed by its beauty

Majuli Island, situated along the Brahmaputra River is known for its earthly beauty and picturesque setting. The 452 square kilometer island boasts of radiating rice fields and water meadows glowing with flowers. A nature lover’s paradise, this island in Assam is the largest river island in the world!


6) Impossible is nothing: 60- feet statue carved out of a single rock!

Can yo believe it - this statue is carved out of a single rock;

Can you believe it? – this statue is carved out of a single rock;

Voted as one of the Seven Wonders of India, the Gomateshwar statue is built out of a single rock! This 60-foot tall statue is visited by devotees from all over the world. The Mahamastakabhisheka, an important Jain festival which takes place once every 12 years is celebrated here, in veneration of this statue.


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