"I saw her today again, On the same road as mine, What followed was an awkward silence, For indeed it had been a long time"

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I saw her today again,

On the same road as mine,

What followed was an awkward silence,

For indeed it had been a long time.

I tried to smile at her,

And she did the same,

A feeling of compassion followed me,

But I shook it off feeling insane.

I was supposed to hate her!

So, with hatred I looked at her,

But her eyes sucked me in,

And for the first time in my life,

I felt the pain which she was in.

In depth of her eyes I saw,

a bruised soul and a thousand flaws,

The shine in her eyes were drop of tears,

And her heart had a scar,

That bled everyday,

Her face slowly changed,

As I remained lost in her eyes.

She was told that she is empty,

that her dreams are stupid lies,

her love was termed unreal,

and unheard were her cries,

She looked at me with pleading eyes,

asking me to hear her once,

she told me that she was dying,

under the burden they put over her.

But I couldn’t hear her,

because they were right to do so,

she was a burden on this world,

In fact she didn’t even deserve the right,

to be happy or to smile,

she was the burden,

over her parents, over all her loved ones,

she was the burden!!!

She screamed!!

She couldn’t take it anymore,

I screamed as well,

For neither could I,

Somehow we both felt the pain!

She cried and pleaded me to stop...

I cried and said that I cannot!

For that’s the reality,

That’s what EVERYONE says!

And then I saw it...

In her eyes...

Deep in her eyes...

She was ready,

Ready to take me in...

To take me on her side,

So that I could fight the world for her,

And she will not die...

But how could I?

They all were right!!

And she realized that I knew...

And for the last time she screamed,

She wanted to be alive,

To let open her broken wings,

And feel the breeze for once,

But I couldn’t let her,

She didn’t deserve that,

That’s what everyone said.

But she pleaded again,

Crying... sick... begging... praying,


And I couldn’t take it anymore,

So I closed my eyes and punched her on the face,

And I screamed again,

I looked at my fists and saw blood,

My blood!

And she was gone,

She came crashing down,

The mirror broke into pieces,

And scattered on the ground,

The girl in the mirror was dead...

I killed her,

And maybe the world will now accept me,

Because that’s what everyone says.