Bros Before…Anything!’ 20 Whacky Things To Do On Your Next ‘Bro-Cation’!!!

There is a destiny that makes us brothers, no one goes his way alone; all that we send into the lives of others,  comes back into our own.’ – Edwin Markham

What do you get when you mix your annoying little sibling with your crazy best friend? You get a BRO! (*fistpump*) He is the only guy who laughs at your break up, pats you hard on the shoulder and says ‘me too man!’ He is the guy you will call when you want to go on an impulse bike ride to the other side of the state. Because you know he wants to go too.

You look at each other and wonder how sometimes, you are not related. He is your partner in crime, and your wingman! If you share the love for travel just like your bro, then here are 20 completely whacky experiences you need to try with him NOW!


Volcano boarding in Nicaragua!


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Racing down a slope at 30 mph on a little piece of wood sounds exciting, but volcano boarding on the slopes of Carre Negro (Black hill) in Leon, Nicaragua, is what bros need; an insane challenge!  Ascend the windy hills for 45 minutes, strap on your sled, do the fistpump and race down at high speed!


Waterfall kayaking in Veracruz!


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A long canoe, a paddle and lots of guts is all you need to go waterfall kayaking in Veracruz! Home to one of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls in this world, the drop from the waterfall is over 20 feet minimum. Kayaking here is one amazing ‘let it go’ experience you can have; along with endless screaming and adrenaline overdose.


Taste scorpions in China!


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There are  lip-smacking delicacies like steamed dumplings, roast pork buns with caramel sauce, baked sweet potatoes and noodles, that are unique and available only in the streets of China. However, there are a few questionable delicacies sold in the other parts of China, like Beijing, that only the brave dare to try. Scorpions on a stick with green leaf beer, Crickets and lizards, fried or boiled, are famous ‘delicacies’ here that take you jump out of your comfort zone!


Parasailing in Copacabana!


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Levitating 50 ft. up in the air, held together by a few cords and lots of wind, parasailing in Copacabana is a must try! You can take in the view of Rio De Janeiros stunning landscapes in one breath; the stark contrast of blue against rich green and the speck of Christ the Redeemer in the distance.


Bungee jumping in Cape Town!


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Plummeting 100 ft. towards the ground with a rope harness sounds deadly, but it is undoubtedly one of the most adrenaline pumping activities ever invented by man, and Cape town has one of the highest bridges ( Bloukrans bridge) from where you can see over a third of South Africa’s breathtaking landscape. The walk alone towards the bridge is not for the faint hearted!


Swim with crocodiles in Australia!


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Who says we should be scared of big, razor toothed reptiles? In Australia’s Crocosaurus Cove Darwin, you can swim in the aptly named ‘Cage of Death’ that is encased in trustworthy glass, while the 11 ft. predator skulks around you. He is probably wondering why his meal is so well packaged, but that shouldn’t stop you from bobbing helplessly up close to the gigantic crocodile.


Glacier climbing in Antarctica!


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The highest peaks in Antarctica have witnessed some of the most gruelling climbing expeditions thanks to the slippery snow and the lack of oxygen. Glacier climbing gets more challenging as you get surrounded by white all around you, with the ever dropping temperature and the weak strength of the ice walls. After all, the best adventures lie in the steepest slopes, so we are not complaining.


Taste the Carolina reaper chilli in USA!


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Ever seen a human turning into an extremely red tomato? Try the world’s hottest chili discovered by man for sadistic pranks at the Houston hot sauce festival in USA and experience the volcano you didn’t know you had in your stomach. The infamous chilli surpassed other chillis for the prime fact that its effects hit you for over 6 minutes. That’s 6 minutes in hell!


Rock climbing in La Dura Dura, Spain!

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Said to be one of the hardest rock climbing spots for man, La Dura Dura (the heart heart) in Oliana, Spain, poses a very stern challenge to rock climbers all over the world. The ascent is extremely tedious and needs to be done once you undergo professional training. Adventure in its pure, raw form, rock climbing in LaDuraDura is one of the best challenges you will ever face in this lifetime!


Run the Ladakh Marathon!


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This annual marathon takes place in the majestic mountainous region of Ladakh and encourages runners from all over the world to participate. This is the world’s highest marathon, and for bravehearts, the Khardungla challenge is the right kind of marathon for you. This ultra-marathon is a 72km race. It starts in the scenic Khardung village and then goes uphill all the way to the Khardung La (17,618ft) along the world’s highest motorable road past summer yak pastures and stunning views of the East Karakoram Mountains of Ladakh.


Running with the bulls in Spain!


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‘You mess with the bulls, you get the horns!’ couldn’t be a more apt saying, but for you and your bro, running with the bulls in Spain, will be one of the most memorable adventures you can have; if you are careful enough. The most famous running of the bulls is that of the eight-day festival of Sanfermines in honour of the Saint Fermin in Pamplona which witnesses amazing participation from people all over the globe!


Big wave surfing in Hawaii!m_Teahupoo1

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As the name suggests, Hawaii is home to some of the biggest waves seen by man. If you love water, waves and surfing, then this is the place to be. The waves crest at about 15 feet in the air and break at a deafening speed. Surfers flock to the Island for the best and most daring surfing adventures ever!


Be a part of African tribe culture!


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If you think this is easy, think again. African tribes are unique in a whole different way from what we perceive them to be. Photographers and writers have ventured into these lands and returned, stumped at the sheer difference in all that they saw around them. The Maasai tribes, the Zulu tribes, the hutu and Luo tribes of Central Africa are just some of the few exotic tribes you will come across on your travels.


Couchsurfing in Amsterdam!


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Why Amsterdam? Because you will meet some of the best and most chilled out travel friends here than any other place on earth. The famous ‘hippies’ who couchsurf here are friendly, travel the world and share their amazing stories with you, that can only inspire you to travel more. Also, Amsterdam is the best ways you can kick start your couchsurfing experience.


Visit Bondi beach in Australia!


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You are smiling as you read this aren’t you? Known to be one of the most exciting beaches in the world, this is one beach where you and your bro can hi-five every 10 minutes, and have the time of your lives.


Visit the haunted castles of Scotland!


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You can’t get the shivers running down your spine all by yourself. Scotland is beautiful, but there are castles here that could make you jump out of your cargo pants! The Stirling Castle, the Barcaldine castle and the Fyvie castle are just some of the few examples of the freakily haunted castles in Scotland you need to explore.


Heli-skiing in Alaska!


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Alaska heli-skiing is one of the best things you could ever do by jumping out a helicopter 100 ft. above ground level. Alaska is more than just a pretty white face on the American map as heli skiing on these slippery slopes is a challenge in itself, let alone being pushed out a flying object in the sky before you speed down the slopes.


Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

Known otherwise as ‘Fat Tuesday’, Mardi Gras is the series of colourful celebrations after the Christian festival of Epiphany (three kings day) and is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in the city of New Orleans. The craziness of this festival is highlighted through wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades and even a little bit of harmless debauchery.


Scuba diving in Dirty Rock, Costa Rica!


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Punch up your diving in the Pacific and Indian oceans with a black-water plunge, electrifying shark feed, and thrilling wreck exploration in Dirty Rock, Costa Rica. Scuba diving here just doesn’t involve you and the great big ocean. There are hammerhead sharks infesting these waters and daring scuba divers have ventured here; just for fun!


Train to become a ninja in Japan!


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Ninjas (otherwise known as the Shinobi) were the ancient undercover agents of medieval Japan. These men and women are skilled and deadly warriors who bring life to all your childhood dreams. A tour guide will accompany you throughout the training and will interpret whatever the Ninja says. The techniques taught are  kujikiri (meditation), shuriken (Ninja Stars) and Shintai Sosa (Training in using the various muscles of your body).



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