The Daisy Girl

Some people live for themselves, all their life.. while there are some who dedicate their lives to others, even beyond death.

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Sasi Rekha and Kapil are siblings who share a special bond similar to the nail and flesh. Irrespective of their ten years age difference, Sasi is his all time favourite person. As their parents work day in, and day out, she was his whole world.

But, all of these changed when Aditya entered their life as a new family member. Aditya was Sasi’s classmate from first standard onwards. He lost his parents at a young age and grew up in an orphanage right next to Sasi’s home. The warden, who heads the orphanage made sure that every child receives free education. Hence, he made sure he enrols everyone of them in the government school where Sasi was studying. Aditya, a complete introvert became friend with Sasi and now their friendship has blossomed into a beautiful relationship: Marriage.

Though, her parents knew him from childhood, they were quite reluctant when she came up with the marriage proposal. But, later on they agreed wholeheartedly to fulfil their daughter’s decision irrespective of the caste and family issues.

When Kapil came to know all of these, he got heart -broken. He couldn’t accept the fact that his sister has hid all of these to him and ended up not talking with her to show his anger.

To end all of these, one fine Sunday morning, Sasi entered his room asking if he can drop her in the government hospital. Without uttering a word, he nodded his head and got inside the washroom.

When he came out, he saw Aditya gifting her bunch of white daisies dressed up in red ribbon. Unexpectedly, Kapil grabbed the bouquet from Sasi’s hands and trashed them into the ground with complete force. 

Shocked and bewildered, Sasi raised her hands for the first time and questioned, “Is this the way you behave Kapil?. Where did you learn these bad manners from?”.

“You forgot that giving daisies is in between us, isn’t Sasi”, he replied back angrily.

Sasi loves flowers especially the white daisies. Ever since Kapil knew about this, he started gifting her daisies on all her birthdays as per age. But, today when he saw Aditya doing the same, he lost his temper.

That evening, Sasi entered the home calling out his name loud. Hearing her voice, he came out. Both remained silent for a couple of minutes. Then, after taking a deep breath, Sasi put her hands on his shoulders and said “I am sorry for everything Kapil. It’s my entire fault. When my marriage topic was discussed, you were writing your public examinations. I didn’t want to disturb you, hence I didn’t open up”.

Listening to every detail, he understood his mistake and questioned, “Why did he get you daisies”? having a stern look.

With a smile, she replied, “Brother, I didn’t tell him”. Seeing my Facebook post, he gifted me.

“Did you check my status or not,” she asked the next minute.

“No”, he said honestly.

“Check it now”, she commanded.

Feeling happy:)

258 daisies from my brother!

We are souls separated by age difference,

But carrying the same fragrance!

“Sasi, did you really write this”?, he asked surprised.

She raised her eyebrows!

He blindfolds her eyes and takes her upstairs to the open terrace.

The cold breeze touched her pale skin. Her eyes didn’t move a bit, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The whole terrace was transformed into a beautiful garden with potted plants carrying buds of red, white and pink roses, fresh white daisies, golden yellow sunflowers, shoot of jasmine etc.

“Happy Birthday to you Sasi”, he shouted and balloons came up flying in the sky as a surprise.

Her eyes glowed in delight and she said “thank you”, wiping her tears.

“Your mascara is smudged”, he teased her back.

“When did you do all of these”, she questioned.

“Suspense”, he replied.

When she touched and inhaled the fragrance of white jasmine. He pulled her down and asked, “How was your birthday?, tell me”.

Her checks turned pink when she began talking. “It was amazing! We went to the temple behind Besant nagar beach, then spent some time on the seashore collecting seashells and ate few chats. Then we went to the government hospital for donating blood and”.

“And, continue”, he said.

“We pledged for organ donation”, she became quite.

“Are you sure about what you’re doing?, Kapil asked.

“Yes”, she said confidently.

He smiled.

“Do you”, they both began.

“I love this surprise Kapil. Even if you dig me beneath these flowers”, I will die happily, she expressed. 

“Don’t talk rubbish Sasi”.

“I like your guy very much Sasi but I feel a bit possessive. Did he misunderstand me for throwing the flowers?", he asked in guilt.

“No, he felt proud that I have such a caring brother”, she said.

Two months later:

“Amma, where is my towel”, Kapil asked. “Ask Sasi da”, his mother yelled. Later they both realised she isn’t here anymore. They missed her badly and decided to go and meet her personally the next evening. Kapil called the van line and gave Aditya’s address.

Sasi’s home has got a spacious lawn and a vintage style backyard with a play area. So, Kapil decided to relocate the potted plants at her lawn area as she is the right person to look after it.

He checked his watch to see how much time left to reach Sasi’s home. After a one hour bumpy ride, he reached her doorstep at 7pm. On seeing him after several days, she hugged him tightly. Aditya came from the kitchen carrying a plate of hot coffee and Kachori. “Your sister’s preparation”, he said proudly. As they all ate, Kapil admired his sister as if looking at her for the first time!. The kumkum on her forhead, silver coloured toe-rings and the yellow colored thali dancing on her neck has transformed her into a beautiful woman!

“Eat Kapil, what are you dreaming about”, she pinched him on his hands bringing him back to reality. That night, Aditya had his first family dinner.

Three months later

“Kapil can you please come to hospital nearby our home”, Aditya spoke anxiously.

In few minutes, he reached the hospital and looked at Aditya walking here and there in the waiting area.

“What happened? Why do you look tense”, Kapil asked. “Where is Sasi?”.

Without answering his questions, “Did you inform your parents”, he questioned back.

“Yeah they are coming in auto. Tell me Aditya, what happened”.

“Post-wedding we both were travelling a lot Kapil. Sasi fell sick few days back. I took her to our family doctor and she bounced back.”

Kapil listened patiently.

“Last two days her health condition was worse. She didn’t sleep a minute. Today, when I woke her up, she didn’t open her eyes. Her body was cold and heavy. So, I immediately admitted her”.

“Don’t panic Aditya, maybe she is tired”, he said consoling him.

“I thought the same but the doctors are saying its brain dead”, Kapil.

Hearing it, his head revolved in all axes.

“The doctors explained it as meningitis”, he continued. “It is a rare medical condition that leads to brain dead”, he added.

“Can we recover her, Kapil asked”

“No”, he replied.

His parents arrived and Adithya explained the same to them. His mother burst out crying “no, my child is alive, they doctors are lying”. Kapil and his father entered the ICU ward. Sasi laid on the bed as if she is deep asleep. None believed that she is dead. She looked as fresh as a jasmine flower.

Bringing back the strength, Kapil informed all his relatives. Adithya who couldn’t bear all of these, remembered Sasi’s pledge and went to discuss it with the doctor.

“Are her parents okay with it”, the doctor asked.

“Yes”, he said.

Few minutes later, he came out with a pile of papers to be signed. He went to Sasi’s parents, held their hands and said “Sasi wanted to donate her organs”. “Will you agree”, he asked holding his tears back. His father signed all the papers.

In next few hours, her heart, kidney, liver, eyes, tissues were operated. When the ward boy bought her in the stretcher, her father touched her body and kissed her on her forhead. He recollected the very first day he carried Sasi when she was born. He regretted for not spending most of his time with her. Everyone remained silent when they travelled in the ambulance hearing the siren sound aloud.

As they reached Aditya’s house, all her relatives showed their last respect. The gardener dug six feet in their lawn and the priest did the final rituals silently.

Seeing all this, Kapil held Aditiya’s hand and said, “It isn’t your fault mama, everything happens for a reason”. We are here for you. He leant on his shoulders to weep out. And, then all of them saw Sasi together for one last time.

As per her desire, all daisy plants were grown around her. Sasi was similar to these flowers; until her last breath she was calm and beautiful yet she decided to spread her fragrance into someone else’s life unasked.

As promised to Aditiya, she gifted him a beautiful family!


As per records, TamilNadu ranks first in organ donation. If all of us come forward to donate their (or their beloved’ ones) organs post death, many lives can be saved. What is more beautiful than seeing someone alive through our beloved one’s organs!

NOTE: Even when we are alive, few organs can be donated such as kidney, liver (a portion), lobes, intestine, pancreas etc., along plus blood, stem cells etc.

Organs than can be donated post cardiac death are: Tissues such as bones, skin, veins, heart valves and corneas, blood stem cells, blood and platelets, tendons, ligaments etc.


This story is dedicated to my sister who believed in blood and organ donation passionately. She lives with us in our memories. Salute to you and all the donors