The Wake-Up song

"Night time and a hush all over, The moon was shinning bright"

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Night time and a hush all over,

The moon was shinning bright,

The stars were there, all prepared,

To dance throughout the night.

Everyone was sleeping,

Inside their four walls,

When the music hit the ears,

The earth shook, the walls melted,

And everyone ran in fear.

We all gathered together,

And witnessed the strange plight,

It was not in the scheduled list,

Was it the mistake of our guide?

The earth kept shaking,

The buildings crashed down,

The world was ending,

For all the walls were now gone!

The plants grew out,

And soared high in sky,

Birds sang along,

And began to fly.

The earth stopped shaking,

And the fear was now gone,

The animals too joined in,

And everyone danced along.

The rain started,

And we broke the remaining walls,

No one was now divided,

And everyone gathered around,

Religion, caste, war, race,

All melted with the rain,

The beautiful song,

Kept its pace,

And there was no pain.

The Moon shone brightly,

And astonished were all,

When they saw the universe dancing in the sky,

The stars raced and jumped,

Twirling with the song,

They melted their sparkles and coloured us all,

The sea waves turned and made us cry along,

The water washed away the hatred,

And love flowed through us in its purest form!

Hand in hand, all laughed together,

Under the sky of a billion stars,

We all hugged and enjoyed the strange weather,

For that night love made us ONE!

Now we knew how stupid we were,

To build up walls, and fill them with hate,

As we cried at each other’s shoulder,

We realized what true love is,



The one who divided us were now crushed!

We laughed at ourselves,

And danced again,

But then the light came;

The alarm rang, we woke up,

Inside our four walls,

Scorching heat outside,

Polluted, corrupted world,

I looked at my watch,

It was time to run again,

But what was that dream all about?

Hatred took birth again,

The speechless were crushed,

The walls divided us again,

For we were too blind to see the truth,

and too scared to taste true love!

So until we Wake Up,

Slave we were,


And will always remain!