The Man Who Could Not Die

The Man who has seen it all, the man who couldn't die.. but has to bear the burden of the pain of ages..

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In the unnamed valley that reeked of death

I met the man who couldn't die.

A hundred decades he had seen, they said,

And still death wasn't kind to him.

I found him weeping as the sun set,

Under a tree younger than him

And when he heard me, he said,

"Another man with a treasure."

The pain in his voice hit me

Harder than the lifeless wind

And I asked, "What treasure

Do you think I carry?"

"Oh no, nothing that sparkles," he said

Trying, and failing, to laugh,

"But your ability to die."

I sat by his side and said

"People fear death

On the other side of this valley,

And eternal life is a fantasy."

He held my hand and said,

"Such a twisted dream perpetuity is;

Can fool even the wisest of the wise.

Things that are deathless

Are the farthest from peace."

I picked a dry leaf and asked,

"Do you feel lonely?

Everything around you dies.

You see death everyday,

Wishing somebody could see yours."

He showed me the barren valley before him

And said, "This is the most beautiful sight.

The sight of death.

The sight that reminds me that

Everything, good and evil, should end.

One final slumber is law, but I

Am the cursed one, watching every form of life

Around me, finally going to sleep

While I just grow a little more tired

Than I was the previous day.

Tell me, can you listen to a beautiful song

For a thousand years without a break?

My ears yearn for the sound of silence

And I pray to the setting sun

To show me its last artistry in the hued sky

But after my sleep there is always

A new sun in a new sky...

I am tired of waking up.''

He gave me a twig and said,

''Keep this as a memory of

The unfortunate soul who could

Never break free, and come back,

If you live to see the autumn of your life,

And you'll find me here; but be sure

To have made your short life

The song you want it to be

And you'll sing to me this new song of yours...

You'll sing it to this man

Whose old song never ends."