Crafts, by definition, refer to an activity or job done, which requires the necessary skills and knowledge for the execution of the same. Earlier people used to pursue such things when they were free from any important work, but now the term ‘Crafts’ has broadened its dimensions. Apart from being treated as a pastime, people are now making it their profession which is much valued these days.


Through the Ages

 Earlier artisans or craftsmen from different professions like retailers, suppliers and also the wholesale merchants, but belonging to a specific branch of commerce world, used to form what they usually call ‘Craft Guilds’. Initially, people indulged in activities like metalwork and gold smithery from their guilds having a similar organizational structure. These guilds were made with certain objectives to fulfill tasks like to flourish the businesses of their guild members and to hold a control over the entire industry. Also, it aimed to protect and promote the financial rights and interests of all of its members but it was rarely achieved.

The Industrial Revolution

But this culture of craft guilds came to an end by the end of 16th century, when industrial revolution hit the whole world. But mechanization of things led to the replacement of handmade craft goods with cheaper but less beautiful products. The outcome of such a drastic change was ‘Arts and Crafts Movement’ which gathered its momentum against this mechanization in 19th and 20th century mainly in Britain and America. The term ‘Crafts’ incorporates many varieties of crafts under it such as Textiles which includes embroidery, weaving, quilting, knitting, Woodcraft, beer-making, pottery and the list goes on and on.


Art or Craft?

In the present days, people often use both the words ‘art’ and ‘Craft’ without seeing any significant difference in them. But both of these terms, though results from person’s own creativity have different meanings.


The Underlying Difference

Art is somewhat regarded limitless with no boundaries at all and is a way to express one’s emotions while craft results in something which has a physical existence like carving due to the presence of necessary skills and knowledge. In other words, art is often referred as a byproduct of one’s emotions whereas craft is the result of one’s skill and knowledge. Unlike craft, art is known to come out from the person’s heart, not mind.


What is Decorative Art?

The close relationship between the terms ‘Decorative arts’ and ‘Applied Arts’ further adds to the confusion between different meanings of the term ‘Arts’ and ‘Crafts’. Decorative Art is a category which includes ornamental works used for decorating the place where it is placed. Examples are pottery, interior designing and architecture. If you are interested to pursue it as a career, here is a list of India’s top schools where you can earn a degree in art:


What is Applied Art?

Applied Arts includes the work of applying, designing skills to create utility in an object. For instance, fashion designing.


The Epic Delusion!

Sadly, the crafts which used to inspire people when they saw the hard work and dedication applied in making it, have now been replaced by the mechanized goods which though can be made faster and cheaper, but they, for sure lack the warmth and love which used to reside in those craft articles made by the hands of craftsmen. The crafts which used to provide employment to so many people who were accustomed to spend their whole day embroidering your scarf or carving a perfect chair for you are now not able to meet even their basic needs. Promotion of crafts is necessary to retain those artistic skills which are necessary to make the lives of people more meaningful.


Where and How to Promote?

For the promotion of crafts, crafts fairs are often organized in cities and towns to display the best craft items which can also involve the selling of such items also. Crafts have also emerged as a reputed profession. There is an ever increasing market for handmade craft items like hand weaved shawls, carved furniture, handmade jewelry, handmade carpets and mats and much more all over the world. The continuous demand of the customers around the globe has made this craft business into a full fledged large-scale industry, which is expanding its reach day by day. Seeing such a huge demand, the crafts industry has even stepped into the ecommerce world and is making large profits. People generally crave for such things at online sites which are just perfect to compliment the beauty of their home or office.