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"This dates back to nine years ago, We resided in our heaven,our humble abode, We couldn't have been happier my family and I"

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This dates back to nine years ago,

We resided in our heaven, our humble abode,

We couldn't have been happier; my family and I,

But then one day; we sold our home, I sigh.

Curious, excited and a very stupid me,

As a ten year old, little did I see,

Their hearts ripped apart; their silent groan,

My parents deserved better; so much for a bank loan!

Then began a parade of possible buyers,

Dropping by untimely; inspecting all corners,

Which spoke of memories; happy and sad,

Bargaining for moments; the smiles they clad.

And now the bags were packed with all that we needed,

Yet the emptiness in our gut was heavier to carry,

I was shrieking in pain; rage maddening my head,

I cried and cried as my heart bled.

On October 9; we departed the land,

Pa's hard work and dedication; we let go,

Each brick laid with toil; so severe but grand,

But time is a bitch; our greatest foe!

So now if you see me; huddled up in a corner quiet,

Don't talk to me about my home, family or future,

For you'll plunge me into those memories of miserable plight,

I'll break down but will speak lies all white.